About CIMC


Center for Integrated Microsystems and Components (CIMC) is strongly recognizable in domestic and regional (WBC) research communities, as well as in parts of the EU scientific and industry community, for results in the field of integrated passive devices. These include integrated micro- and nano-components such as inductors, varistors, termistors, EMI/EMC suppressors etc. Group is also well known for the development of compact high-performance microwave passive devices, such as resonators and filters, and is recognized as one of two regional leaders in the emerging field of metamaterials and their microwave and optical applications. Research in the field of integrated analog micro- and nano-systems at CIMC is carried out through the design of novel integrated hybrid circuits, and nanotubules. CIMC staff is also devoted to research in the field of opto-electronical systems and integrated digital micro-systems. Topics such as verification of complex digital systems, and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) are investigated, as well as embedded systems, programmable, configurable and reconfigurable components and systems.



CIMC staff is experienced in the following areas:


  • Modeling, design, simulation, optimization and fabrication of integrated passive devices (IPDs)
  • Development of software simulation tools for prediction of optimal performances of IPDs
  • Integrated analog and digital microsystems
  • Super-compact high-performance microwave passive devices
  • Metamaterials
  • Modeling micro- and nano-tubules
  • Characterization of electronic materials
  • Application of ultra-short-impulse lasers
  • Analysis of complex digital systems and Embedded systems