CIMC participated in a number of research and development projects at European level, such as:


  •  INCO project ( "Reinforcement of the Center for Integrated Microsystems and Components" ), proposal no. 043669
  • EUREKA project ("Metamaterial-Based Technology for Broadband Wireless Communications and RF (Radio Frequency) Identification"), METATEC - project no. E!3853
  • WUS project ("Materials in Electrical Engineering"), no. 106/06
  • REANIPD Project ("Realization of the new integrated passive devices") funded by "Littelfuse Ireland Limited", Dundalk, Ireland
  • "Design, modeling, and optimization of integrated transformers" with Studio di Microelettronica, Universita degli studi di Pavia, Pavia, Italy
  • CIR-CE (Co-operation in Innovation and Research with Central and Eastern Europe) network project "ELSEPIM – Utilization of PIM for electronics, sensors and actuators"


 CIMC was also the leader in many state, republic and regional research programs. Presently, CIMC is coordinator of a four-year state-funded research program in the area of technological development:

  • "Innovative electronic components and systems implemented in non-organic and organic technologies", project no. 32016, coordinator Prof. Ljiljana Živanov (2011-2015).
  • Synthesis of nanopowders and processing of ceramics and composites with specific electric and magnetic properties for application in integrated passive components", national project no. 45021, FTN coordinator: Prof. Mirjana Damnjanovic (2011-2015).


 Also, a number of applied research programs are currently running such as one with the state-owned oil company NIS, another with water-drilling company Panaqua, etc.